Amrita Rao, the Beautiful Indian Star

There have been hundreds upon thousands of actors and actresses to hit the Bollywood scene. None of them however have hit such astronomical success as Amrita Rao. Amrita had never planned to become an actress, and infact held off job offers until she had finished her studies at college. During that time she did several small adverts, all of which rose to huge success.

Amrita Rao's first big break came after her studies finished, where she was picked to act in the film Ab Ke Baras in 2002. From here Amrita has risen to astounding fame, spring boarded from commercials into movie fame!

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Friday, 10 October 2008

Amrita Rao Hot Youtube Video

Amrita Rao shows what she can do in theis hot You Tube video, here we see Arya Babbar caressing kissing and touching Amrita Rao in a sexy youtube show!

This hot youtube video of Amrita Rao is a great example of the bollywood stars equisite beauty and gorgeous looks, seeing her in youtube motion as she gets fondled and gently kissed by Arya Babbar!

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This video is a collection of some of Amrita Raos hottest scenes with Arya Babbar. The steamy scenes in which the two actors work together have become notorious In MArita's career as she is kissed, touched and swung by the actor. Arya Babbar is definately one of the worlds luckiest mean to be able to touch nibble and caress the near anked form of Amrita Rao!